The Sell-outs


Playwright Luis Valdez used the term in some of his works in 1967. He used the term to describe Latinos to heads of Government and merchants that they can be manipulated simply by snapping your fingers and ordering aloud what they have to do.

Goode Mapp Maritza

Here in Plainfield Latino, we decided to use the same term to describe certain characters in Plainfield. These individuals (Carlos Ponton, Flor Gonzales and Maritza Martinez) belong to PACHA. An organization that is supposed to help Latinos. Instead of helping, it is dedicated to deceive the Latino community, giving them cheap parties and all to give fame to Mayor Mapp and votes for his ally to Barry Goode who is running for the City Council.

The Cheap Parties:


Ponton duo

The Truth:

But while members of PACHA, Carlos Ponton, Flor González, and Maritza Martinez give parties and celebrations for Latinos to bring votes for their Mayor and their candidate, Mayor Mapp and Barry Goode are stabbing Latinos in the back.

First Backstabbing:

Mapp closes the Bilingual daycare, the only child care center that provided the Latino families of Plainfield excellent care of their children and a place where their children could learn two languages. Read more about the closure of the Bilingual daycare here.


Second Backstabbing:

They knocked down the restaurant Mi Buenaventura that was owned by Maria Rosa to give the property to a developer of properties who is the best friend and the biggest source of funds for Mayor Mapp and his allies. To read more about the demolition of the restaurant and the dangers that Mapp represents for Latino businesses, click here.


Third Backstabbing:

Mayor Mapp and his allies are trying to close the business of Luis Penaloza. They are trying to take the liquor license from him to give it to his friend and source of funds, Frank Cretella. Mapp wants to give the liquor license of Peñaloza to the same friend to whom he facilitated the building for where Mi Buenaventura Restaurant was. Click here to read more on this matter.

Luis speaking

The Conclusion:

Do you already see why we use the term sell-outs to describe Carlos Ponton, Flor Gonzalez and Maritza Martinez?  Because that is what they are, sell-outs. They are under the command of a mayor that wants to destroy the Latino community in Plainfield.

My Latino Brothers and Sisters, before accepting invitations to a cheap little party, look at who is offering it and for what reason. Otherwise, we will end up like our ancestors did when the Spaniards arrived. By a few who sold us out and catalogued them as gods, we ended up eliminated.






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  1. Rebecca Williams // September 24, 2015 at 4:15 pm //

    This is one of the most “fact-free” editorials that I have read on this blog. It’s interesting that “Alma Blanco” does not mention all the members of PACHA in her scurrilous attack. Labor leader Chris Estevez and Plainfield business owner Nelson Santana are also on the commission. It’s truly unfortunate that Blanco has decided to made this attack during the celebration of Latino Heritage–the Plainfield residents who filled the room would certainly frown on this attack. When Norman Ortega was chair of PACHA under the previous administration, absolutely NOTHING was done to assist and enhance Latino participation in Plainfield’s civic life. No public meetings were held, no activities or forums were held for the large Latino population in our city, and when I asked for the minutes of past meetings (those held in 2010 and prior), all I received were 3 sheets of meetings–very sparse and incomplete. In other words, even under his favored mayor, Mr. Ortega still did not hold any meetings or do anything that the commission was empowered to do. His jealousy is showing–especially in these personal attacks on the Plainfield residents who are working to improve the lives of Plainfield’s Latino community through civic involvement and engagement.

    Here is the truth, for those who would like to read it. The Mayor did NOT close the Bilingual Daycare Center. It is still open and operating, as anyone who goes by can attest. The name is the same and the services have been greatly enhanced–ask the parents and the children. To continue these attempts to inflame the public by making up lies really speaks to the desperation and lack of character of the individual who wrote this. Ask Eva Rosas-Amirault, who retired after 37 years, whether the Bilingual Day Care Center is closed. Again, the services provided have been improved, with more amenities for the children. Second, to say that the city “knocked down” Mi Buenaventura to give the property to a developer friend is an out-and-out lie. How irresponsible. Thirdly, Mayor Mapp cannot “give” a liquor license to anyone. A basic understanding of the law will provide the truth. Neither can the council. The complaints about Mr. Penaloza’s go-go bar were given by the police and by neighbors in the community where he operates the business. What I wanted was to have a hearing (which is in the council’s purview) so that the police and Mr. Penaloza could discuss the serious infractions that occurred at his business. Unfortunately, the council majority voted to renew the license without a hearing. But, again, neither the mayor nor the council can “take” a license and “give” it to someone.

    Finally, to say that this mayor “wants to destroy the Latino community in Plainfield” is the height of irresponsibility in the absence of facts and speaks to an agenda of divisiveness. It shows that you are not interested in serving the people of the city–but only in creating drama built upon lies. To call the individuals who serve voluntarily on the commission “sell-outs” based upon lies, smears, and libel is to truly reduce this blog to a narrow-minded complaint forum. Sad.


  2. Rebecca go back to your corner and stay there! Latinos in Plainfield are waking up! You voted against a investigation on the North ave demolition because you were trying to cover up for Mapp, voted for the closing of the Daycare!! Like really a daycare? And finally voted against the renewal of the liquor license?? Do you know what the violations were!??! Nope. You and all the ocho members are sell outs. Can’t wait to vote against mapp this year and the next!

  3. Rebecca go back to your corner and stay there! Latinos in Plainfield are waking up! You voted against a investigation on the North ace demolition because you were trying to cover up for Mapp, voted for the closing of the Daycare!! Like really a daycare? And finally voted against the renewal of the liquor license?? Do you know what the violations were!??! Nope. You and all the ocho members are sell outs. Can’t wait to vote against mapp this year and the next!

  4. Robin Bright // September 25, 2015 at 1:45 pm //

    Alma’s post sounds very familial and a bit racist. Rebecca is correct and accurate on all accounts concerning the daycare still being opened, the restaurant and the bar that has operated in direct violation of established rules and city ordinance. The last thing Plainfield needs is people whose only intention is to try to divide and conquer, we need strong honest leadership on all levels that is all inclusive of the residents of Plainfield. By using the term ‘sell-out’ in reference to political organizations leads one to believe that the writer of this post has a personal agenda that would only benefit a select group of people and not Plainfield as a whole.

    Mayor Mapp’s One Plainfield’ is not just a slogan, this administration has proven by thier actions to be all inclusive in their decision making process. We need honest, level headed, non-bias, intelligent people like Barry Goode for city council in the fourth ward. Without a doubt Barry Goode will represent ALL residents of Plainfield.

    Robin B.

  5. Why hasn’t their been a formal investigation on these thieves because it is obvious they are committing illegal acts. It’s not rocket science to see these things.

  6. IF YOU POST ANONYMOUS YOUR A COWARD // September 25, 2015 at 9:19 pm //

    it’s sad that this websites editors are bashing other people. I guess its politics 101. you guys have nothing better to do and just want to make yourselves look good, what a joke. you guys get one little story and make it to something completely different. what a bunch of unprofessional reporters. these “reporters” get a story and can’t even publish the correct story. this website should be shut down for defamation and slandering . your using other people work and using against them, those photos you used , you guys don’t even give credit to their original owner. get your facts straight !. you guys want a better latino community, but do you want it better for the people ? or for you guys and your pockets ? you guys are hilarious ! I’m not on any ones side, I’m writing this on a neutral point of view.
    1. Mi Buena Aventura was demolished down ? ummm… last time I checked, they did help her rebuild her business , not only the damaged part , but she is remodeling her whole business. so where did you guys get that they didn’t help her.
    2. The guy that opened that “Sports Bar”. he wanted to make a strip club. what kind of business is that for a town like this? that type of business promotes drugs, violence, and prostitution, I totally agree that they shut down that establishment.
    Seriously ? “THE SELL OUTS” wow ! that funny , unprofessional , childish all at the same time. to be honest you guys sound like haters. I’ve never heard of your group. do something like what “PACHA” does. Its not selling-out when they just want to make the latin community happy. You guys are criticizing “PACHA” for the party they did. To me it sounds like you guys don’t even want the latin community to be involved with the Plainfield Community.Also to the Kevin.L person. that was racist what you said “go stand in a corner” wow! what are you trying to say ? that since she’s Latina she should be standing in the corner like the other latinoes ? you guys are “NO GOOD FOR PLAINFIELD” , your only thinking about yourselves and just want to be up there with the big guys in politics. to finish off “ALMA BLANCO” your complete garbage your report was horrible , find a better career. Aren’t you Latina also ? your making all latin people look bad , if your saying a group of latin people are sell-outs , then I’m thinking so it this group also.
    A Plainfield Resident

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