Luxury living & Dollar Stores in harmony


By now, most of Planfield have been buzzing about the PILOT controversy and the City Council. If you haven’t, please read all the other local bloggers’ coverages, opinions and comments of why the PILOT was not approved. The majority vote on the City Council claim they were not included in the particulars of the 30-year tax break for the developer of the Gateway luxury project which was just sprung on them at the last minute, as mentioned in Bernice’s post. The council members that voted against the PILOT have expressed they were never against the long-awaited development project itself, just the PILOT that was being sneaked in at the last minute.

Well, here’s a comparison review. Has anyone noticed the split in the City Council when it comes to the majority of city events? They don’t seem to be inviting each other to which ever public event they back/support/organize. Events where our Mayor frequents, you will only see Councilman Storch, Councilman Williams and even their Councilman-elect Barry Goode only. All the rest of the Council are missing the majority of the time. Is this the same thing that happens when imperative development/council issues need to be discussed in detail? We know there is claim that Deputy City Administrator in charge of Economic Development, Carlos Sanchez emailed (date?) the details of PILOT to the council members who rejected it. What do we do when we want someone to come out to an event or get their vote/support/backing on an important initiative? We do go out of our way to involve them. We insist, we respectfully push. We call them, we invite them, we patiently insist on their attendance, we leave them thorough messages, but we don’t rely on just email communication or a one-time communication attempt. Don’t these intelligent people know, in the realm of communications, we have to adapt to the preference of communication to the person we are trying to reach? They will not always conform to our form of preferred communication, unfortunately. Especially when so much was at stake with such a large development of this scale. Then one would wonder why the developer not include the particulars of the 30-year tax break they wanted until two weeks before the measure went up for vote before the City Council and after their years’ worth of presentations. Why didn’t they present the 30-year tax break they needed in the earlier stages of proposal?

On a final note, as much as those that have supported luxury development to make room for the millennials, and as much as the rest of Plainfield has been criticized for all the dollar stores that are in every corner, it’s hard to fathom why they didn’t mind one opening in their front steps. In the meantime, if this development deal does go through, maybe it will model in further development as we see with the completed and fully-occupied ‘luxuryNetherwood Pointe project. Are the millennials enjoying the thought of having a new Dollar Store as their neighbor? Where luxury meets ghetto and they live in perfect harmony.

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  1. Rebecca Williams // August 21, 2015 at 6:15 pm //

    “Where luxury meets ghetto and they live in perfect harmony.” I really find this sentence insulting. To characterize Family Dollar as a “ghetto” store is so offensive–they will be paying commercial property taxes in our city. There are 2 other stores in Plainfield (one in the Twin City plaza, and one at the Park-Madison site) that are patronized primarily by Plainfield residents. Are those characterized as “ghetto” stores as well? What about the branches in Roselle Park, Elizabeth, Union, and Linden? Family Dollar is also in Middlesex County–North Plainfield, Dunellen, Edison. Certainly, it is not a high-end boutique, but the folks who will be patronizing that location as well as other shops in Plainfield in general deserve better than to be spoken of as “ghetto.” That is certainly not the language that realtors, residents, and others interested in promoting the city should be using. It is my hope that Family Dollar will be a “good” neighbor in Plainfield and that workers will be treated with decency and respect.


    P.S. I have toured Netherwood Pointe and know some of the folks there–they are nice market-rate apartments, and they are fully occupied—the convenience of Family Dollar being right across the street cannot be underscored enough. It is also good for my constituents who have lived in that area for a long time.

  2. Anonymous // August 22, 2015 at 2:11 pm //

    Because I often shop in a dollar store, I’m ghetto. This is one of the most ridiculous, poorly written editorials I have read. Are you competing with Dan Damon on ridiculousness? Trying to make a point that doesn’t exist?

  3. Rebecca Williams // August 24, 2015 at 12:20 pm //

    I have to add one additional comment here, regarding who shows up at what events. You write, “They don’t seem to be inviting each other to which ever public event they back/support/organize. Events where our Mayor frequents, you will only see Councilman Storch, Councilman Williams and even their Councilman-elect Barry Goode only. All the rest of the Council are missing the majority of the time.”
    In the first place “inviting each other to which ever public event they back/support/organize”–here, with absolutely no evidence, the editorial seems to be making assumptions. How would you know who gets “invited” to events? Regarding community events, such as the Mayor’s BBQ and the Family Fun Days, everyone is invited–the council included. Just because some people decide not to come doesn’t mean that they haven’t been invited. I only co-host one event–the 2nd Ward Family Fun Day. The fun day events are hosted by the different councilors in the different wards they represent, but they are sponsored by the whole city (council and administration), if you look at the fliers. All councilors are invited, as well as the entire community–kids from all over the city come to the event I co-host with Councilman Storch in Leland Avenue Park. I was unable to attend the 1st Ward Fun Day as I was away at my family reunion that weekend. I attend as many events as I can fit into my schedule–this August, I attended a number of events, such as National Night Out, the Ecuadorian Independence Day celebration (City Hall), the South Second Street Family Fun Day(S. 2nd St. Youth Center), BKS1 Community Appreciation Day (Milt Campbell Field), Plainwood Square concerts, various block parties in the different wards, etc. I will be at the 4th Ward Family Fun Day this Sunday, and at as many other events as I can attend, given my schedule. I cannot speak for other council members, but to say that others are not “invited” is to be deliberately divisive–to what end?


  4. This editorial, like so many others that appear on this blog, are void of any valuable message, meaning or content. You don’t make any valid point, just a bunch of disconnected statements.

    Before there were dollar stores, there were Five and Dime Stores (a.k.a. a la Woolworths) that were part of American culture all throughout the country — read some history at the following link.

    So much of what you write on here is factually incorrect and/or written with very limited scope of knowledge.

    Stop being so divisive.

    Logren a unir, no dividir (Work to unite, not divide)

    And yea, I’m Latino!

  5. Anonymous // October 25, 2015 at 9:20 pm //

    Don’t waste your time with Rebecca. She’s ignorant and you cannot have an intelligent conversation with her without her filling you up with lies. She obviously lives to bash every article that is posted on this website. The message of this article is a good one, it is just badly worded. It is easy to work together when there is honesty but until the mayor and host team leave(including Rebecca) that won’t happen. Or at least until these grown people can start speaking the truth that won’t happen. I am a young individual and it does not take a genius to see this, please open your eyes Plainfield and do your own research.

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