Justice or Else: Passing the Torch!

The other day my mom questioned why I was even marching and going all the way to DC. It won’t change anything.

My response – The way my mind and heart set up, I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror as a man and say to your future grandchildren and my future children, I tried to change to the world for the better before you were born because I don’t want you to go through the same troubles people have put me through: Racism, discrimination, oppression, lack of certain opportunities, constant snatching of my dignity.

Justice or Else

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I want my kids and children of the world to shine and be better than I could ever dream becoming. Even if the ‪#‎justiceorelse‬ movement does nothing for the next generation, I can sleep at night without worry in my heart that I tried to do something positive for something bigger than myself.
I have observed that the world kids are born into is the result of adult’s action. So if the world is evil or if the world is good then you know who is responsible.

Just like Minister Farrakhan said yesterday to the adults “what good are we if we can’t pass the torch on to the younger generations?”

And me being a young adult, I got to make sure my kids are born and LIVE as close to safe as possible. No one but me and my future wife will secure our kids’ future.

Please people, stop letting life just pass you by without taking action to change. People are dying, suffering, & crying everyday.

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Your life might be safe and set, but look around you brother. There are people who don’t get a job only because of their black or spanish sounding names on the job application, then they get kicked out the house because they can’t keep up with mortgage payments. At the same time,  they have no access to diabetes and Cancer medication because they have no medical insurance.

Then you got to resort to crime after many months of unemployment and starvation. That’s when the cops get involved. After that, you see people’s faces on a t-shirt and mothers crying. Its all a cycle. Racism and systematic oppression has to end. Be the change you want to see in the

world! It won’t start with anyone, except you who are currently reading this.

Show our kids to LEAD not follow.

Written by Kevin Rosero – Plainfield High School Graduate – Raritan Valley College Student

Photo Courtesy by Orlando Jerez




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