Eva Rosas-Amirault Endorses Ortega and Campbell

It is time to set a precedent in our community.  It is time to give us an opportunity to become part of what I call mainstream politics in Plainfield. It is time to seat a Hispanic on the Plainfield City Council  for the right reasons:

To focus in fair participation in which he can prove that he can do the job and provide results in areas which at times can be challenging.

Understand the issues that affect our entire community and in conjunction with other City Council members, develop strategies and resources to face those  challenges and continue to improve the quality of life of our residents.

We have a diverse community. Diverse representation is necessary to encourage more participation in all the aspects our community so that together we can make the difference.

I feel we have young and energetic participants with the heart, the passion, the commitment and the skills set to bring value and positive change to Plainfield.  Norman Ortega and John Campbell are ready to bring our community, new and better outcomes to face the challenges we have every day in Plainfield.

Why not? Lets not be resistant to change and support Norman Ortega and John Campbell.

Eva Rosas-Amirault

Former Director of Plainfield Bilingual Daycare Center



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